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Family Owned Since 1912

The Spreckels Emporium was established in 1898. It was later acquired by the Juehler family in 1912 and has remained in the family ever since, most recently being owned and operated by the beloved Margot Abeloe (Schoeller).


Her three granddaughters (Left to Right) : Jaclyn, Jennifer and Shannon, now own and operate the Spreckels Emporium. The Emporium exists to provide service and product to Spreckels residents and workers, and we are committed to preserving an institution that has existed since the founding of Spreckels.

Grocery, Wine, Beer and Gifts

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44 Spreckels Blvd.

Spreckels, CA 93908


Open Tuesday to Friday 11am to 6pm

Saturday 11am to 3pm

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